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The quietest place in my heart-- Bubble tent with natural scenery

  • source:happy-inflatable
  • Time:10/25/2018

Bubble tent was originally conceived by the French designer Dumas. The design philosophy is around the structure of man and nature.

The birth of transparent PVC bubble tents, it affects traditional tents slowly. Nowadays more and more people are anxious to get away from cities and back to nature. The transparent bubble tent provides a visual field. When the night falls, we can lie down on the bed at the bubble tent and appreciate sunset with our lover. When we wake up in the morning, we can appreciate the sunrise with your love.

inflatable bubble tent

The transparent bubble tent can put many decorations and furniture like sofa, table lamp, wardrobe, etc. It can complete with the same accessories as the hotel. The greatest advantage is that it has 360-degree panoramic view Natural scenery. It is a good choice when you plan an outdoor outings

The bubble house gives you a wonderful intimacy with nature. You can let go of the noisy city and enjoy a romantic scenery, Imagining that a spacious and natural place is in from of you,when you come to the night, you can enjoy the sight of the stars and the moon even Aurora. When you wake up in the morning under the sunrise, enjoy a tasty breakfast. Enjoy the gift of nature, where people can enjoy the unique experience of being in nature without any barriers!

Quiet space, a cup of fragrant coffee and share with your friend, when the time past, the initial bitter taste has quietly disappeared, leaving only the coffee scent that permeates the small room.

bubble house

All the scenery make the whole space is clean and full of life. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, outdoor ecology and decorations like a landscape painting, soft and quiet. you can choose a suitable time, here, enjoy a moment of quiet.

Under the window next to the sofa, Ih~ You can watch the scenery outside the window silently, or you can read the books in your hands. This moment seems everything is so harmonious.


The bubble house is not very luxurious, but simple and warm. If it is in a mountain town which is full of green mountains and green waters, you can be picking vegetables and melons, or you can planting weaving to clean the room and cooking tea. Leave the bustling city temporarily


The bubble house is quiet and there are not too many noisy sounds to disturb yourself. Enjoy the music a coffee in the warm afternoon, people will are enchanted in the scenery.

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