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The new product of inflatable air dance moving advertising

  • source:Happy Inflatable
  • Time:10/17/2018

Air dancer also is known as a sky dancer or Wacky Inflatable Arm Waving Tube Man and originally called the Tall Boy, is an inflatable moving advertising product comprising a long fabric tube (with two or more outlets), which is attached to and powered by an electrical fan. As the electrical fan blows air through the fabric tube, this causes the tube to move about in a dynamic dancing or flailing motion.

The design of the tube man was invented by Peter Minshall, an artist from Trinidad and Tobago, along with a team that included Israeli artist Doron Gazit, for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Minshall originally called his invention the "Tall Boy". Gazit eventually patented the concept of an inflatable, dancing human-shaped balloon and licensed the patent to various companies that manufacture and sell the devices.

air dance supplier

Our inflatable air dancer supplier has improved this product, it can make the air dancer move topically. So that it can not like that crazy. It is a good decoration when you make a promotion. Firstly, it is lively, not static. So it can catch people’s eyes and makes a point to look away and focus only on the thing you want. Secondly, it is customized. It can make by your requirements including shape, color, size, logo printing and so on.

Set up area required: The  area of  the place is required to accommodate flat

Power required: Standard 10 amp power outlet on an un-shared circuit is required for this inflatable. This means NO POWER BOARDS or DOU.

Delivery time: It depends on the size and quantity you order, usually we can deliver the goods after completing production in 5 days.

Packaging: Oxford cloth with fireproof and waterproof.

Delivery way: Optional; By air by sea by express.

Freight: Depends on the quantity and shipping way.

inflatable  air dance supplier

Competitive Advantage:

1). Reinforced seams with double&triple stitches and strips at each joint to protect bouncer area and seams, the bouncer is more durable and safe with it.
2). Each inflatable toy is equipped with a thick D anchor point, it’s used to be fixed on the ground and remain steady.
3). The entrance is safe for playing and easy to open and close. The outlet with two zippers is used for faster deflating and the Velcro is used for protecting the zipper.
4). Various design with beautiful digital printing;
5). Sample order is acceptable, the lead time is 7 days after received sample fee; 6). Client's design, size, and color are acceptable.

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