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Red Inflatable Mirror Ball For Event And Holiday Decoration

  • Inflatable Mirror Ball is developed and manufactured by ourselves and ever used in the 2012 London Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. And always show in many scenes such as fashion show, club, bar, party, meeting and so on. Inflatable mirror ball is a round ball which can be reflective just like a mirror so can absorb people's attention.
    It is usual silver,red,blue,gold,green and purple. The size can be customized from 0.6m to 10m diameter.

  • A) Material:0.3mm mirror cloth with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling.
  • B) Color can choose.
  • C) Packed with tarpaulin bag that is durable and keep inflatable item better maintenance.
  • D) Many selections for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • E) Supermarket, playground and city center must-have advertising toys.



In April 2012, in a common blue building in Gaotang Stone, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, a shiny silver mirror ball like a mirror was born. Debuted at the London Olympics event in June 2012, used for the layout of the venues on both sides of the London Olympics. Later in different parts of London, the silver mirror ball was used as the decoration of the event, the atrium of the mall, the stage background decoration, the catwalk props, the filming props and so on. They all used the silver mirror ball of Le Feiyang. And signed a long-term silver mirror ball order with the customer.
Festive decoration
     In July 2013, a red mirror ball and a gold mirror ball were created for the opening of the Christmas celebration. Later, the mirror balls of blue, green, purple and pink suitable for different places were developed. It is mainly used for hanging decoration, stage background, creative decoration and other scene decoration.
Christmas mirror decoration
Shopping mall creative decoration
    Following the July 2014 Lefeiyang Inflatable Toys Co., Ltd. included the mirror ball products in the patented products applied for by the company. Approved appearance patents and utility model patents in 2015. At the end of 2015, the first cartoon mirror rabbit made its debut as a hotel creative design. Then the water droplet mirror shape, the five-pointed star mirror shape, the cartoon mirror shape and so on appeared in major shopping malls, hotels, venues and so on.


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