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Inflatable Mirror Balloon Multicolor Custom

  • Applications:
  • It is suitable for family, school, shopping mall and playing center.
  • Specifications:
  • Material : 0.35 mirror material+0.45mm pvc tarpaulin
  • Size : 1 meter diameter
  • Color : Special color
  • Packing size : 40*30*30cm
  • Weight : 5kg
  • Shipping way : By sea, by air and by express is optional


The price of the product is different according to the  size,  material,thickness and shape,the price does not include freight and  tax.,All products can be customized according to customer  requirements, including thickness and digital printing, hand-painted,  photo. We will try our best to meet your  requirements! Looking  forward to build up a long term relationship with you.
  If you want to  know the price, please tell me the requirements ,need to printing or  not ,color,quantity,send me the design drawing if possible,freight is depends on the quantity and weight,I will send  you a quotation after received your mail.

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"Magic color" literally means dreamy color, illusion color gives people a dreamy and magical feeling, and the semi-transparent mirror material of the enamel, the multi-color mysterious fusion meets, let people have a look at it. Color-rich objects will always be attracted quickly. What if you turn this wonderful magic color into a sphere and become a "magic ball"? Let's take a look at the new inflatable phantom mirror ball developed by Happy Inflatable Co., Ltd. Factory.
Inflatable "Magic Ball" round bubble shape, sly translucent multi-color mysterious fusion of intersecting colors, people do not see enough. Imagine a colorful bubble ball that hangs in the air and hangs in the air. The faint objects are formed by a combination of spheres that are separated by different sizes. Is it just that you can't help but think about it?
In the past two years, more and more people purchase  mirror ball for decoration . For example, the domestic Nanjing Department Store, Vientiane City and other large public places can see the mirror ball. Whether it is from the workmanship or the overall decorative effect, it has been praised by the end customers. Hanging in the high-altitude of the mall, the illusion of color is dazzling and eye-catching, making people look at it without watching it. If you can't help yourself, you will take your beautiful mobile phone and send it to your circle of friends.
Mirror ball
      Mirror Ball In July 2013, a red mirror ball and a gold mirror ball were created for the Christmas celebration. Later, the mirror balls of blue, green, purple and pink suitable for different places were developed. It is mainly used for hanging decoration, stage background, creative decoration and other scene decoration.
Inflatable mirror ball
Symphony decorative ball


    Mirror Ball Following the July 2014 Le Feiyang Inflatable Toys Co., Ltd. included the mirror ball products in the patented products applied for by the company. Approved appearance patents and utility model patents in 2015. At the end of 2015, the first cartoon mirror rabbit made its debut as a hotel creative design. Then the water droplet mirror shape, the five-pointed star mirror shape, the cartoon mirror shape and so on appeared in major shopping malls, hotels, venues and so on.


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