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Inflatable Bubble Tent Transparent tent movable hotel

  • Applications:
  • It can be used in many party events such as promotion party, wedding party, dinner party, Or for disaster relief, family use to rest, entertainment and park car, etc.It not only can feel the sunshine  but also can see the incredible view.It is a romantic product.
  • Specifications:


Material 0.8mm PVC  tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, Phthalates free
Size 3*3*3M(H) + 2*2*2M(H) + 2*2*2M(H)
Color white/blue/transparent, can be customized
Packing PVC tarpaulin bag/wooden case.
Shipping way By sea/by air/by express
Accessories 1.Air blower with CE/UL certificate
2. Repair kits
3. Warning mark



Quick Detail:

The "bubble hotel" designed and built by French designer Stephane Dumas has officially opened. For those who want to experience the outdoor experience, it is worthwhile to refer to this "bubble building" that can observe the complete night sky without being afraid of the clothes being stained.
It is reported that the "bubble hotel" is made of recycled plastic and forms a shape in the picture by inflation. There is a concealed air pump at the entrance.

Despite the use of an air pump, people do not feel uncomfortable in it, and the noise has been reduced to a minimum. Users can whisper and enjoy a harmonious atmosphere.For urban residents, the experience of being close to nature is getting harder and harder. The existence of the bubble hotel is to make us better integrate with nature, without borders, not deliberate.Therefore, the landlord said that it should be the introduction of the swallow ditch, this is a good thing, you can enjoy this feeling of being close to nature.

Away from the bustle and bustle of the city, you may be more than happy to turn off the lights in the room, put down all the mobile devices, and feel the quiet days under the stars .
It is not the rushing alarm that wakes you up, but the morning sun.
If you want to breathe the fresh air of the morning, you might as well go to the lake. The lakeside building is the spa area of the hotel, and the design of the architectural style is given the original wood quality, which is in harmony with nature.
If you are lucky, you can still encounter a meteor. At this time, you may wish to make a wish in your heart. What kind of state of mind will you be at this time?
If it is me, I may recall those unrealistic dreams when I was young!


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1. Air pump

2. Repair kits

3. Banner with your company information(If you need, please tell me)

4. Warning sign



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