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Large Inflatable Swimming Pool

  • Applications:
  • It is suitable for family, school, party and playing center.
  • Specifications:
  • Material : 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling
  • Size : Can be customed according to requirements
  • Color : can be customized
  • Packing size : Depend on the size
  • Weight : Depend on the size
  • Shipping way : By sea, by air and by express is optional

Inflatable pool advantages:

1. The inflatable swimming pool has the characteristics of high abrasion resistance, good tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, durability, and convenient maintenance.
2, No need to declare approval and other cumbersome procedures.
3, To use and disassembly and assembly is simple and convenient, clean and easy to maintain, saving manpower and material resources.
4. Easy maintenance.
5, size and shape can be customized according to needs.




1. Air pump

2. Repair kits

3. Banner with your company information(If you need, please tell me)

4. Warning sign

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