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Giant Inflatable Water Park

  • item:inflatable water park
  • size:37.5*39 m
  • materila:0.9mm pvc tarpaulin
  • weight:1000kg
  • pump:1000w
  • install:5-6 persons
  • capacity:50-100 persons
  • certification:SGS,EN71,TUV
  • technical:welding
  • warranty:3 years
  • the set of this inflatable water park  is included in bouncer,slide,swing,action town,balance beam,bridge,cliff,deck,dome,flip,stafety buoys,roller, quarterpipe,ice-tower,halfpipe and hardle.


Inflatable water combination toy is a high-temperature heat sealing and closing product of Happy Inlflatable Co,. Ltd . It adopts 09 mm Pvc mesh cloth, representing toys with water climbing slides, water swings, water passages, water buckets, water pillars. Barriers, water banana boats, water icebergs, water tripod obstacles.
With the pace of the times, the pressure on the front door is getting bigger and bigger, and people are paying more attention to play. So gradually, the water-cutting model toy was launched. In recent years, major TV media have also broadcasted a variety of entertainment products on the water. In the water clearance game, each level will have a nice and fun game. Let's let Happy Inlflatable Co,. Ltd editors introduce you to several simple ones.
 The check of the level is to test the balance ability and explosive power. The experiencer jumps from the helper and jumps over the circular buoy trampoline without falling into the water. The air cushion connected to the buoy is the success of the pass: the experience passes. Grab the handle on the side wall and walk smoothly. It is a success without falling into the water. This test is the strength and endurance of the players. If they are not, they will slip into the water.
The empty walker can reach the next level by crossing the arched air cushion bridge! This test is the balancing ability and flexibility of the players. The balance and flexibility are difficult for the boy.
Diving Dragon Gate: The experiencer starts to run and then jumps through the hole, slid down from the hole, and enters the next level without falling into the water. This test the players' ability to bounce.
The desperate experience first climbs up the inflator, then jumps down from the inflator onto the rolling inflatable column, and then jumps from the inflatable column to the air cushion is a success!
It’s the courage and courage of the players.
Step by step startling: the player has to walk through the water in the wooden bridge made up of inflatable columns to enter the next level.
Climbing the peak: experience needs to grab the rope and climb, and successfully turn over the obstacles. These are several common games, which are highly loved by the scenic spots. Also very suitable for individual corporate companies and investors who want to operate a water tour
Prepared project demander

Applicable place:
Water park: large, medium and small water parks.
Public facilities: large, medium and small schools, kindergartens, hospitals, communities.
Commercial facilities: hotels, resorts, leisure centers.
Sports facilities: sports venues, sports centers
Temporary activities: city carnival, business events, exhibitions, shows
TV station: joint production of water clearance program
Home market: family, villa

The Ultimate Water Experience

Instantly grow your business into an unforgetable summer experience for young and old! Activate your business and start this year off right with Happy inflatable ! Think outside the box this season and join the exciting, exhilerating experience of the best attractions of beach inflatables!

Furthermore, this particular  inflatable water park is 37.5*39m and beautifully designed with a safety lookout tower. Did you know that each water park is equipped with challenging levels for all ages?

In conclusion, the water park is the ultimate aquatic playgound!

Water Sports & Motor Development Skills

Furthermore, these water inflatable obstacle courses are going to get your kids active and allow them to have the time of their life! In the same way, let’s make physical activity fun again and get people excited about getting active!

In the meantime, get your blood pumping and join in on the fun! Running, jumping, balancing and coordination, throwing, climbing and bouncing are the most important motor skills that people have. No doubt, people work on these conciously or subconciously in their day-to-day life.


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