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Inflatable Swimming Pool Big Water Pool

  • Applications:
  • It is suitable for family, school, party and playing center.
  • Specifications:
  • Material : 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling
  • Size : Can be customed according to requirements
  • Color : can be customized
  • Packing size : Depend on the size
  • Weight : Depend on the size
  • Shipping way : By sea, by air and by express is optional

Inflatable pool notes:

Visitors need to take off their shoes when they enter the inflatable pool. They are not allowed to carry sharp objects such as keys to prevent the hard objects from falling into the pool and puncture the skin; the water depth should be no less than 20 cm, and the deepest should not exceed 30 cm. Because it is too shallow, put it in the pool. There is not enough room for activities for children to play in. If it is too deep, children will be in danger. In the water, blisters appear in the epidermis and need to be checked as soon as possible. The waterproof zipper is applied once with wax, which makes the zipper durable.

This land pool slide is made up of a bracket pool, inflated
The house consists of three trampoline tents and water slides. Around the house
The grassland animal giraffe geese-themed jungle home symbolizes beauty
Life is thriving. The house is divided into two upper and lower floors.
Counting the left-hand rock climbing right slide, the middle cabin design gives a mystery
The whole model of the inflatable model is vivid
The land pool slide is mainly composed of a pool and a slide. It can be divided into
Children's play area. Its style theme can be marine animals, jungle animals, lucky dragons
Wait. The top of the design of the slide is generally an animal image. The surface of the slide is rock climbing and slide. Whether climbing or sliding this product brings a lot of joy to the rider. This land water
Pool slides are not only used for tourist attractions, but also for educational institutions, elementary school kindergartens, parent-child early education and other large venues. The play effects and revenues are very good.
Oh. Really what you need to consider
Take home in the summer water park
This land pool slide is composed of three parts: the bracket pool, the inflatable house trampoline tent and the water slide. A jungle house with a grassland animal giraffe geese around the house
Symbolizes the prosperity of a beautiful life. The house is divided into two upper and lower floors, and the upper and lower floors are respectively designed with a left climbing rock right slide. The middle cabin design gives a mystery. The entire inflatable product
Vivid theme



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2. Repair kits

3. Banner with your company information(If you need, please tell me)

4. Warning sign

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