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White Inflatable Party Tent/Inflatable Exhibition Tent In Outdoor

  • Specifications:
  • Material : 0.45+.0.55mm PVC tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling
  • Size : 25*20*6.5m.It can produce by your requirements.
  • Color :white
  • Packing size : 120*110*100cm
  • Weight : 302kg
  • Shipping way : By sea, by air and by express is optional
  • capacity:200-300 persons
  • install:5-6 persons
  • blower:10 pieces


This white wedding tent uses a frame structure
The tarpaulin transparent window is combined, and the frame structure material is
045 mm Pvc mesh cloth double seam, tarpaulin and window
0.35 mm Pvc mesh and 0.3 mm Pvc double seam. Accessories are
6 sets of 1100W fans. The customizable size is around 207m. Pipe diameter specification
Tailored to the size and material of the tent.
Inflatable tents are a type of tent. Can be divided into continuous inflatable tents, closed gas tents
Inflatable tents are especially common. Inflatable tents are popular among young people because of their light weight, foldability, portability, and aesthetics. They are widely used in camps and engagement ceremonies.
Performances, events, advertising promotions, etc.
With the rapid development of society, inflatable products are gradually accepted by the country. Inflatable tents are no exception. This white wedding tent is framed with tarpaulin.
The combination of bright windows, frame material used for 0.45 mm Pvc mesh double-thread sewing, tarpaulin and window with 035 mm Pvc mesh and 0.3 mm Pvc two-wire car
Seam. The accessories are 6 sets of 1100W fans. The customizable size is around 207m. The pipe diameter specifications are tailored to the size and material of the tent.
Painting meeting,
The material of the gas-tight tent is PVC mesh cloth or PVC, and the accessories are electric air pump. The inflated air nozzle adopts a spring type air nozzle structure, which can fully prevent air leakage.
The occurrence of the elephant. Recently, tourist inflatable tents have been greatly popular. Especially young office workers like to use camping to get in touch with nature and release stress. So Le Feiyang gas model
The tent factory produces custom single-layer transparent bubble houses and double-layer transparent hotel tents that are popular among users. At the same time, it also promotes the development of the inflatable tent industry to a certain extent.

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