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Inflatable Mirror Balloon With LOGO Printing

  • Applications:
  • It is suitable for family, school, shopping mall and playing center.
  • Specifications:
  • Material :Mirror matetail,0.3mm pvc and  0.45mm PVC tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling
  • Size : Can be customed according to requirements
  • Color : can be customized
  • Packing size : Depend on the size
  • Weight : Depend on the size
  • Shipping way : By sea, by air and by express is optional


The face ball is one of the hot products of Guangzhou Lefei Ocean Gas Model Manufacturers and one of the company's patented products. The launch of this product is mainly due to the lack of novel and eye-catching decorations in the mall. After repeated efforts by our R&D team, this inflatable mirror ball inflatable product was finally born.
Inflatable mirror ball
Mirror inflatable
Shopping mall, a sales market that everyone knows and is not lacking in every city, but if we want to do more and longer in this field, we must have a different place to attract customers. arrival. Each mall also has its own iconic buildings or decorations. However, if the same decorative ball is already unable to win the customers' appreciation and patronage. Here, our inflatable mirror ball can enter the interior of the mall, because this is a new ornament, and because it is an air-molded product, it is safe, easy to install and novel.
Atrium hanging decorative ball
Christmas decoration ball
The reason why we can make our products sell well with domestic and foreign markets is because our products are novel and the quality is excellent. Every detail is more delicate than others, in order to achieve our products with high quality and meticulous workmanship. purpose. Think about it, when we just entered the mall, if we see such a novel and personalized inflatable mirror ball, then the mall will be more likely to leave a deep impression on our minds.
Everyone goes shopping in order to relax their mind and body, so the first feeling of entering the mall is very important. For ourselves, the mirror ball decoration can easily attract the eye and make us feel comfortable. Its refraction and reflective brightness combined with the special translucent mirror transparency is a very suitable decoration for the opening of the mall hotel. Type ornaments and hanging accessories!
If you want to use our mirror ball to create such a gorgeous and dignified in-house shopping mall, please let us know and we will provide you with an appropriate service plan before and after the sale. No longer need to dress up for the mall? How to install, how to design and worry!
This mirror ball is a patented product developed by our Lefei Ocean Inflatable Toys Co., Ltd. after many efforts and has solved many difficult problems: “Mirror Ball”.
The main reason why this product can be sold well at home and abroad is its unique novelity and gorgeous appearance. It can give customers a different experience, and it is a true decoration must-have item!
If you want to make your mall look more magnificent, then contact our Happy Inflatable team!

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