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Happy Inflatables Co.,Ltd is specialize in manufacturing inflatable products

  • source:Happy Inflatable
  • Time:10/24/2018

Happy Inflatables Co., Ltd, a professional inflatable swimming pool manufacturer , specializing in inflatable products, like the inflatable helium balloon, inflatable trampoline, inflatable water toys since 2002. It is located in Guangzhou Guangdong, Province China. So far we have more than 15 years experience in the inflatable industry. Meanwhile, we also have our own factory and R&D team.

Our main products are giant water park, large water crossing, large inflatable slide, large outdoor inflatable tent, inflatable movement competitive, large inflatable toy, large inflatable model, large inflatable furniture, inflatable children’s playground, inflatable swimming pool, manned hot air balloon, remote control airship, PVC launch ball, landing balloon, LED lamp ball, mirror ball, inflatable castle, inflatable obstacles, inflatable channel, inflatable arch, inflatable column, air dancer, inflatable movie screen, inflatable ship, inflatable swimming circle,Inflatable lawn ball, Inflatable roller, inflatable trampoline inflatable seesaw, and varied inflatable toys etc. The material of our products is elegant with an original design, excellent workmanship, high quality and reasonable price, which is favored by customers at home and abroad.


Our company not only focus on dedication and profession but also cooperation and innovation so that we can make the world become a wonderland. Our company attaches great importance to the dedication, profession, cooperation, and innovation so that we can make the world become a wonderland. The staff of our company is all professional and technical with more than 5 years experience. Production flow, starting from the product design, design raw materials and sub-materials in a different part, production, Quality Inspection, after-sales service, etc..Inflatable products, also called inflatable toys, is a professional product in our company. The inflatable products are playing an important role in a modern commercial advertisement. The style of Inflatable advertising is energy saving and environmental protection, which made an irreplaceable role for enterprises to establish the brand. There are so many modern advertising products for a festival and Opening Ceremonies, such as an Inflatable column, inflatable arches, inflatable inflatable model, large inflatable model, large launch model, inflatable characters, all kinds of inflatable animals, inflatable cartoon and inflatable cartoon mobile. Happy inflatable inflatable swimming pool manufacturer has become a professional manufacturer of domestic development, exploitation, production, and sale in the world.

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