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Do You Know Where is the Most Romantic Bubble Hotels in the World?(1)

  • source:happy-inflatable
  • Time:08/15/2018

Imagine that you are lying on a luxurious and comfortable big bed, which surrounded by enchanting natural scenery, with starlight shining on the top of the night, the sound of nature rustling. The popularity of the bubble hotel has turned this experience into reality. Happy Inflatable Co., Ltd is an inflatable tent manufacturer, the different kinds of inflatable bubble tent products will give you lots of different experiences.

These bubble hotels are basically located in the best places for outdoor activities. You can lie in bed and see the glamorous starry sky, the flashing meteors, and the gorgeous aurora through the transparent dome. At present, there are more and more bubble hotels in the remote and beautiful places in the world. Let's take a look at the eight big bubble hotels in the world that should be travel to.


Finn Lake Resort, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

bubble tent  b

Go to the forest dome at the Finn Lake Resort is one of the best ways to experience the mysteries of the Irish forest. Its exterior and interior design are impressive. Every detail in the bubble house is meticulous. In the room with floor heating, Aroca wooden furniture, Nestle coffee machine. Hot mattress on the bed, comfortable stone bathtub, and shower in the room, which give you a relaxed and elegant experience.

In your free time, you can enjoy the natural spa at the spa center; rent a boat at the pier; go to the tennis court for a hearty race; ride a bike or stroll through the forest trails.

Reference price: 250 USD per night



Five Million Star Hotel, Reykjavik, Iceland

Five Million Star Hotel, Reykjavik, Iceland

At the Five Million Star Hotel, you can see the Northern Lights on the bed. The hotel is an hour's drive from the Icelandic capital, and the hotel's five bubbles have its unique name - Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis or Maria. These bubble constructions is a sturdy, transparent material that allows the bubble to withstand light pressure while providing a no noise ventilation system that maintains 2-7 times breaths per hour to prevent moisture.

The interior design of the bubble house is very simple, mostly with only one bed, but there is a service room nearby with a kitchen, bathroom, and dining room. If you are interested in exploring the surroundings of the hotel, you can book an overnight package at the hotel, so you have the opportunity to visit the scenic National Park and have a rest in the hot spring water of the Golden Falls. You can even go to the secret lagoon of Vildi to see the mysterious scenery of nature.

Reference price: $275 per night



Campera Bubbles, Ensenada, Mexico

bubble tent  a

The Campera Bubble Hotel will bring you closer to nature. Here you can visit the heart of Valle Guadalupe and more than 80 wineries. The Campera Hotel has 10 bubble houses scattered throughout the vine. During the day, you can stroll through the vineyards to pick fresh grapes. In the evening, you can drink a glass of wine made by these wineries.

In the translucent bubble house, you don't have to worry about your privacy problem. The Campera Hotel has specially placed curtains for each bubble house. You just need to open the curtains to see the beautiful scenery outside the house.

Reference price: Standard room is about 145 US dollars per night (about 942 RMB)

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