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Do You Know Where is the Most Romantic Bubble Hotels In the World?(2)

  • source:happy-inflatable
  • Time:08/20/2018

1.Montagnac Montpeza Hotel, France


Montagnac Montpeza  Hotel France

The Montagnac Montpeza Hotel was established in 2010. Their bubbles are completely designed with recyclable materials and use low-energy, silent blowers to keep the bubbles inflated. Here, you can book a service to watch the constellation. The hotel will provide telescopes and constellations, so you can watch astronomical phenomena in transparent bubbles.

Reference price: 128 US dollars per night (about 832 RMB)


2.Al Bardenas Hotel, Tudela, Spain


Al Bardenas Hotel Tudela Spain

When you first pass through the Bubble House at the Al Badenas Hotel, you may feel that you are not on Earth. The Al Badenas Hotel is next to the beautiful Bardenas Natural Park, an amazing semi-desert natural area in southern Spain, where the desert landscape looks more like Mars.

The Al Bardenas Hotel's architectural and interior design innovations have earned the hotel 26 design awards. The hotel rooms and suites are traditionally designed and each detail is thoughtfully checked. The bubble house has its own bathroom, electronic equipment, mini bar and wireless internet. Here you can also taste local red wine and olive oil.

Reference price: $310 per night (about RMB 2015)


3.Cartour, Kirklington, UK


Cartour Kirklington UK

The Katul camp is a beautiful area in the North Yorkshire Country Estate. They offer different accommodation options for visitors, and two bubble houses named Unidome and Geodomes are also hidden in the woodland.

The Unidome Bubble House has a clear panoramic dome that gives visitors a 360-degree view. There are double bed, sheepskin rugs, fairy lights, gas heating stoves and outdoor barbecue pits. The Geodomes have enough room four people sleeping, have a private bathroom, and a kitchenette for hot water.

Reference price: Unidome is $85 per night (about 552 RMB) and Geodomes starts at $80 per night (about 520 RMB)


4.Nutt Nature Hotel, Conblu, France


Nutt Nature Hotel Conblu France

It is a romantic to drive to the farthest place in the world and stay in the bubble house for one night. In the winter, at the Nutt Nature Hotel, you can overlook the endless meadows or snow-covered fields, the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc.

You can have a closer relationship with nature through a completely transparent bubble. On a winter night, sitting in a warm room, having a meal at the table, with soft music playing, and having a glass of champagne – there is nothing more comfortable than that.

Reference price: 445 USD per night (about 2892 RMB)


5.Bubble Lodge, Mauritius


Bubble Lodge Mauritius

On the southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius is an exotic place. The unique natural scenery, combined with the warm and hospitable indigenous people. Visitors linger on this mysterious and interesting island. Surrounded by coral reefs, the Bubble Lodge is one of the rarest beaches in the world.

Located in Bois-Cheri’s historic tea garden, the smoky-style rooms ensure the best views for guest. You can enjoy a breakfast and dinner at the restaurant while overlooking the lake. Free activities such as kayaking, paddle, fishing, hiking and tea tasting are available, as well as golf, quad biking, and tea factory activities at an extra charge.

Reference price: 365 USD per night (about 2372 RMB)

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