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inflatable slide for kids shopping mall

  • Applications:
  • It is suitable for family, school, shopping mall and playing center.
  • Specifications:
  • Material : 0..45+0.55mm PVC tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling
  • Size : Can be customed according to requirements
  • Color : can be customized
  • Packing size : Depend on the size
  • Weight : Depend on the size
  • Shipping way : By sea, by air and by express is optional


The bouncy castle has an ornamental and fun amusement. The appearance of the theme is vivid and vivid. In the tall body design, the safety of the air chamber is still important. In the process of purchase, it must not be cheap, regardless of product quality. Manufacturers must have a sense of product quality and safety. The custom-made inflatable castles should be designed to take into account that once the windy weather, double-layer inflatable tents, the stability of the product must be good.
When the sun is shining, the flowers smile at me. The bird said early, why do you carry a small bag? ? Along with the beautiful and beautiful children's songs, a "Sun Gonggong Pool Slide" debuted. This is a colorful holiday leisure pool slide, suitable for indoor children swimming and playing an inflatable toy. We really like the inflatable toy slide.
Inflatable pool slide
Child inflatable toy inflatable slide
In the "inflatable pool slide" in the blue sky under the leisurely play, the proud seven-color rainbow hung over the sky, the children supported the rainbow arch bridge handrail, step by step into the blue sky, until the cool with a big black The sun is on the side of the sun. Intimate and friendly conversation with the Sun Gonggong, and carefully told the Sun’s ear to tell him the little stories and secrets that happened today. At this time, is this scene very childlike?
Sun Gonggong Inflatable Pool Slide
Children's inflatable toy slide
The pool slide, hence the name of the slide is installed next to the pool, usually combined by climbing stairs and water slides. While the children are crawling to the top of the slide, the water slide slides down, which stimulates the fun play process. It is estimated that only the children themselves will know.
Inflatable Castle Park is a children's inflatable play equipment that integrates castles, trampolines, slides, obstacles and passages. Inflatable toys are a kind of inflatable play equipment. It can play a very good sports effect and can bring different happiness to the entertainers. It can be used for adults and children to play together, so that you and your loved ones and friends can Let people enjoy the fun of children together. Let you really appreciate the joy brought by family, friendship, love, etc.!
The castle gives children a fairytale dream. The trampoline slide gives the children a cheerful feeling of sports and skills. The obstacles and channels give the child intellectual development, confidence cultivation and the courage to fight forward.

  If you want to  know the price, please tell me the requirements ,need to printing or  not ,color,quantity,send me the design drawing if possible,freight is depends on the quantity and weight,I will send  you a quotation after received your mail.

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