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Swimming Pools: What are some of the most fun water-toys?

  • source:Happy Inflatable
  • Time:07/19/2018

When summer comes, plenty of people will gather in the swimming pools, where there are some fun water-toys which attract them. Today we, a best place to buy pool floats such products, will introduce some of the most fun inflatable water-toys in swimming pools in our company.

inflatable water toy

Inflatable Swimming Ring Flamingo Instagram Style

It is suitable for water park, seaside, swimming pool and so on. Its material is made of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin with fireproof, good tension, excellent peeling. Its color is pink with digital printing. It also can be customized. There are some fun accessories in this inflatable water toy, such as air pump, repair kits, banner with your company information (If you need, please tell me), warning sign.

Transparent Walking Ball Blue Inflatable Water Sport Game

It is suitable for swimming pool and water park. It looks like a ball but a little yacht. You can play it in the swimming pool. It will drive you to somewhere you want to go.

Other inflatable pool stuff

We also have some strange but fun product, such as inflatable trampoline sport water toys, inflatable flip for water games, inflatable water toy flying fish boat, water climb & slide water sport games in water park in sea and so on.

From what has been mentioned above, the price of the product is different according to the size, material, thickness and shape, and the price does not include freight and tax. All products can be customized according to customer requirements, including thickness and digital printing, hand-painted, photo. We will try our best to meet your requirements!

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