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Launching Ceremony of the 2018 Chinese film in Africa

  • Time:07/20/2018

Launching Ceremony of the 2018 Chinese film in Africa.


Guangzhou Happy Inflatable co.Ltd supplied the mobile inflatable tent as the cinema to show films for Africa people for this event,to enhance the mutual understanding and simple feelings of the Chinese and African peoples.


Since 2017, the film screening team has shown hundreds of films in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda and other countries. Become another highlight of the spiritual and cultural life of the local people.


Chinese TV dramas and movies with their increasing popularity in Africa, have become an important new cultural bridge in building relations between these countries.


The local African also experienced VR film in the mobile cinema tent.


In the future, more film and television works will enter communities and villages through mobile cinema, so that African people will have more opportunities to come into contact with Chinese culture and meet the diverse needs of African audiences.