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Mirror ball is a new developed products

  • source:Happy Inflatable
  • Time:10/12/2018

Inflatable Mirror Balloon, an inflatable model, which is made of 0.45mm PVC in the outer and specular material inner. It is a decoration that can use in the stage, shopping mall, party, auditorium, sports meet and so on. The material like a mirror which can make an attractive and mysterious feeling for you. It can catch people’s eyes so that people come close and have a look, what’s more, this decoration can make the place which uses it that be a luxuriant and out of the ordinary. It is a good choice to be a decoration and it can bring a wonderful beginning for you.

Inflatable Mirror Balloon

Mirrorball is a newly developed product of Happy inflatable mirror ball manufacturer. It belongs to the new fashion spherical decoration, it is suitable for T stage, bar, party, concert, Opening ceremony, and so on. The product size can be customized, and the diameter of 1-3.5 meter. Color usually is silver, it also can be golden, red, and so on. Inflatable Mirror Ball can put on the floor, the effect of reflating can attract people to stop and have a look. It also can hang in the air and rotating with the help of a motor. So that it can reflating everything from the ground including the lighting and the color along with the music.

inflatable mirror ball manufacturer

Material:The material adopt environment protection mirror cloth with fireproof,it not only has good tension but also shiny surface.
Product usage: Because Mirror Ball has a shiny surface, it can attract people’s eyes if used for advertising; It has light-reflecting effect so you can use it to decorate the stage.
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About Sample:Sample order is acceptable, the lead time is 5 days after received sample fee;
Shape: Customized,it can design by client’s requirement.
Color: Red, silver, gold or Customized.
Size:Customized, but usually is 0.8m,1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m.

The price of the product is different according to the size, material, thickness and shape, the price does not include freight and tax., All products can be customized according to customer requirements, including thickness and digital printing, hand-painted, photo. We will try our best to meet your requirements! Looking forward to building up a long-term relationship with you.