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"Trump baby" made by inflatable cartoon supplier is going to fly

  • source:happy-inflatable
  • Time:08/02/2018

Recently, a international news concerning inflatable cartoon model has attracted every inflatable cartoon supplier's attention, such as our company--Happy Inflatable Co., Ltd.

“This protest is really popular, because there are so many people who have a strong opinion to Trump. You can have a chance to protest, whether the reason is racial discrimination, refugee policy, denial of climate warming or (contempt) hateful women. "-- Sheila Menon, one of the organizers of the "Trump Baby" balloon said, "Trump Baby" finally floated on the British Parliament Square.

nflatable cartoon model

According to the British media on July 5th, the mayor of London approved the people to fly a 6-meter-high "Inflatable Trump Baby ", to protest Trump's visit to Britain. The entire protest was signed by thousands of British citizens. The public raised £16,000 to create an inflatable cartoon model which is designed based on Trump. The balloon is 6 meters tall and show an image of an angry baby with a blond hair and a mobile phone in its hand.

US President Trump will visit the UK next week. According to the British "Sun" on July 5th, London Mayor Sadik Khan approved the people to fly a 6-meter-high "Trump inflatable baby" to protest Trump's visit to the UK.

According to reports, after thousands of British people signed petitions and raised more than 16,000 pounds, on the 5th local time, the Greater London government led by London Mayor Sajadi Khan approved the "Free Trump Baby" campaign. The inflatable kids toys is 6 meters tall, and the balloon is shaped as an "angry baby" with blonde hair and a mobile phone in its hand. It's wrapped in diapers.

According to reports, the balloon will fly over London from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on Friday, July 13. It will float during Trump's visit to Britain, and "Trump will be blocked" will also held in central London.

A spokesperson for London Mayor Sajadi Khan said, “The mayor supports the right to protest peacefully and understand various way to express. His city management team has met with event organizers and allowed them to use the garden in the Parliament Square as grounding place for the balloon."

Event sponsor Leo Murray said, “We didn't get permission from the mayor's office at first. They told us that they didn't think the event was a legitimate protest. But when our plan received wide public support. It seems that the City Hall has finally regained this sense of humor. One of the inflatable characters Trump baby is going to fly!"

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