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Hot Air Balloon Customized Logo Printing

[Product introduction]  Manned air balloons can meet people's desire to fly. Hot air balloon ride is a very romantic thing. Hot air balloon can satisfy people's novelty and experience. See the adventures of different landscapes at different angles of the sky!
[Brand]  Happy Inflatable 
[Product name]  manned air balloon, tourist flight hot air balloon
[Product material]  polyamide
[Product color]  color (customizable color)
[Product process]  sewing
[Product quality]  export quality,CE,SGS,TUV certificated
[Project]  tourism, advertising, commercial, celebration
[Product size]  level-7 (can carry 4 people) or above custom specifications
[Inflated state]  gas supply
[Scope of application]  Tourist attractions, squares, plains, deserts
[Customer Service];Cel:+86-18826410004 (WeChat /Whatsapp)

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